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The Arrows & Tulips Creative Company
*An Inclusive Place

Providing gear
inspired by the littles so resilient
they turn their tragedies
into something brilliant...
We are the arrows
using the pull-back
to help shoot towards the sky,
we are the tulips
finding our beauty
no matter what the roses look like



It all started with a Dad who was having fears about becoming a father...
He saw the arrow as a symbol for his shortcomings to be used by his future son to shoot even higher to the sky.
Little did he know what battles were to come, once his medically complex, special needs son, Dorian, finally arrived.
There's a famous poem about becoming a special needs parent that is called "Welcome to Holland." In it, the author relates the journey to planning for a trip to Italy, only to get off the plane & learn that your destination has changed. While sifting through all of the emotions of not getting to go to Italy, you start to realize the beauty of Holland & it's windmills, & tulips. 
Arrows & Tulips is all about combining those two symbols into a mindset for walking through life. Using a love of streetwear & fashion, the hope is to "blend the lunchroom" a bit by redefining the word "cool" to better fit people of all abilities...
Because at the end of the day, "what's "normal" anyway?



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